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Friday, March 27

7:30am EDT

8:00am EDT

9:30am EDT

Making "No Place for Hate" a Reality 202LIMITEDTeresa Carney • Nili Bartley Leading for Equity - A Discussion Panel RISELIMITEDJeff Marsden • Nat Vaughn Google Expeditions and Tour Creator 220LIMITEDRyan Camire Bring Computer Science to your school 221LIMITEDUrsula Hunt • Molly Breen Learn Computing and Lose your Marbles 203LIMITEDPhilip Brown More than just an hour: 8 playful activities to spark a passion for coding in your students 124LIMITEDAaron Reuland Let's "Jam" About Design Thinking to Solve Problems and Collaborate 112LIMITEDMary Marotta • Craig Sheil Personalized Learning! 214LIMITEDMaura Condon Developing Our Own Digital Breakout 123FULLMarissa Foley • Leanne DiPesa The Marie Kondo Effect: Get Organized, Digitally 120FULLKelly Condon Stop Motion Animations 206LIMITEDJen Van Hill Using Raz-Plus to Support Foundational Skills Development 222LIMITEDVickie Owens When a Book Has to Go πŸ“• πŸ“— πŸ“˜ πŸ“™ 223LIMITEDAnne Farrahar Building a Maker Community: 10 Strategies for Moving Forward 215LIMITEDDavid Quinn Makerspace, Technology and Beyond 115LIMITEDJulie Lowerre • Christy Callahan • Jennifer Bassett A Maker's Dozen 122LIMITEDErin Fisher • Tori Cameron Accommodating Math Assessments 110LIMITEDErin Kearney • Maura Interrante Managing a Digital Classroom 219LIMITEDBrian Allieri • Ranjani Sriram • Pete Ritter Medfield College... Join the Team! 118LIMITEDKerry Cowell • Zachary Barrows • Christine Power How to Acquire a Service Dog For Your School: Enhancing Social Emotional Well-Being AuditoriumLIMITEDJohn Moon • Kelley Kennedy • Franklin the Service Dog Wellness and Team Building for Students and Staff 207FILLINGStefanie Rothschild • Kara Winslow Insta-Inspiration - The Ins and Outs of Using Instagram to Tell Your Story 111LIMITEDBJ Burke Get into Action: Blending Digital Goodies with Station Rotation 113LIMITEDChristine Casali Keeping Up With the Kinders 218FILLINGSarah Drew • Carina D'amato You've Used Technology, Now What? Using Seesaw 116LIMITEDChristen Foote Dealing with the β€œI’m done!” dilemma: how to avoid busy work for the kids who finish early 205FULLShelly Pagnotta • Sean Bowles Sketchnotes 204LIMITEDEmily Alland • Cynthia McClelland

10:30am EDT

Let's Go Live! 214LIMITEDHolli Caulfield We Are πŸ‘πŸ‘ AR πŸ‘πŸ‘: Augmented Reality in Elementary 202LIMITEDJed Stefanowicz Intro to Improv Comedy for the Educator 219LIMITEDKara Gelormini Harness the Power of Google Suites to Create Digital Breakouts 218LIMITEDJudy Kress • Mary Comer Cell Yourself with Google Sheets 115FILLINGTerry Smolka • Amy Byron Getting Started with Google Data Studio 111LIMITEDLaura Tilton Creating interactive Google MyMaps for History, Science, ELA classes 220LIMITEDMichael Khorshidianzadeh Global Education: Supported by EdTech, Delivered by STEM 118LIMITEDGreg Schwanbeck Do Something About It! 123LIMITEDSara Higger Keeping it Green: How to take care of all those classroom plants 🌿 205FULLMadeline Chamberlain • Bethan Sancher Whole Food Lunch Bunch πŸ… πŸ† πŸ₯‘ πŸ₯¦ πŸ₯’ πŸ₯¬ πŸ₯— 005FULLMike Douglas • Suzanne Flynn • Susan Cowell I screen, you screen, we all screen for GREEN SCREEN! 206LIMITEDSarah Hevey Getting to Know Raz-Plus for K-5th 222LIMITEDVickie Owens Implementing Reading Workshop Model in High School English 223LIMITEDKim Earley • Kayleagh Nutter The Masked Micro:bit Singer! 204LIMITEDDiane Horvath • Jason Heim Makers & Tinkers in Any Subject to Unleash Your Students’ Creativity! 113LIMITEDChristine Casali Musings about Meaningful Making 122LIMITEDBeth Lloyd Techniques and Strategies to Support Executive Function- Sarah Ward Follow-up 110FULLMeg Nelson • Mary Bruhl I See You - Creating Welcoming Spaces for Transgender Students RISEFILLINGWendy Isaac • Shahn E Knights Framing the Conversation: Priority Practices in Teacher Thought Partnerships 124LIMITEDKen Toomey • Megan Smallidge Using a Cohort Model for Sustainable Professional Learning 203LIMITEDJenn Holmes SIS - Sharing instructional strategies in Science 207LIMITEDKathy Ballou • Kerry Lynch Don't Be Afraid to Play! 221LIMITEDSara Carr • Brenda Maurao Google Addict 112LIMITEDCraig Sheil Google Sheets for 'Littles' and their Elementary Friends! 215LIMITEDNancy Carroll Innovation with Curation: Ride the Wakelet Wave 116LIMITEDAmy Ronayne Quarantined? Learn to Screencast 226FILLINGNeal Sonnenberg Yes, You can Create an App for That 120LIMITEDLori Alighieri

11:25am EDT

12:05pm EDT

12:35pm EDT

Screentime: One district’s effort to help students navigate the technology-infused environment in a way that is safe, effective, healthy, and well-balanced πŸ“² πŸ’» ⌨️ πŸ–₯ 205FULLSteve Ouellette Leading Beyond our Titles 115LIMITEDNili Bartley Serve up Inspiration w/ some tech integration 220LIMITEDGregg Newton • Gary Kozloski Co-Teaching Nail it or Fail it? 221LIMITEDBethan Sancher • Marlo Franco KIBO and Bee Bots - Come Play and Have Some Fun! 203LIMITEDJulie Colantoni • Allison Pollock Cut out Stress - with Crafting! 122FULLWendy Isaac • Shahn E Knights Encouraging a Creative Mindset 120LIMITEDElizabeth Solomon • Julie Cremin Making Design Thinking Work in any Classroom 113LIMITEDMelissa Foley-Procko • Taryn Grigas Getting Started with Google Data Studio 111LIMITEDLaura Tilton Freemium! Digital Escape Rooms for All Content Areas 218LIMITEDErin Foley Be the Change: Leveraging Technology to promote Global Citizenship & Advocacy 204LIMITEDMelissa Ewing Relationships Matter - The most important aspect of your classroom 219FILLINGTracy McGarry Get Noisy! Read a-LOUD! πŸ“”πŸ“’πŸ“•πŸ“— 223FILLINGWinnie Carey • Lynda Canal Writing has come to Raz-Plus!!- Explore Resources for 1st-5th 222LIMITEDVickie Owens STEAMy Literary Ideas 112LIMITEDBethany Barra • Tori Cameron Making Learning Fun Again 123LIMITEDTim Harkins Math+C: Mathematics through programming in elementary grades 2-5 124LIMITEDKate Coleman Creating Critical Consumers πŸ“° 202LIMITEDJessica Garbowski Fake news and media literacy πŸ“° 116FILLINGDonna Miller • Elizabeth Healy Blended Learning Playlists 206LIMITEDAnne Valluzzi • Chris Nardone Personalized Learning...Impossible! Or, is it? 214LIMITEDAJ Melanson Developing Reflective Learners - Feedback, Assessments, and Beyond 110LIMITEDNat Vaughn • Erin Kearney • Orla Berry Developing your PLN by leveraging cross-district expertise to elevate professional practice & student literacy achievement 207LIMITEDGene Reiber • Mark Talacci Classroom Hygge: Creating a Cozy, Mindful, and Positive Environment for Learning RISEFULLChristy Callahan • Jennifer Bassett More A-PEEL-ing Slides with Pear Deck! 215FULLSarah Boyle

1:35pm EDT

Google Tools for Administrators 124LIMITEDHeather Mandosa • Jeff Sperling Retrieval Practice: Helping Transition Knowledge Into Long-Term Memory 110FULLNat Vaughn • Orla Berry • Mary Bruhl Clear is Kind: Leading and Learning With Purpose and Clarity 202LIMITEDGabby Abrams Sparking Confidence in Creativity through Making and Physical Computing 123LIMITEDAnne Marie Wyman • BJ Burke Turtle Stitch - Hold Your Code 122LIMITEDBeth Lloyd Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense πŸŽ₯ πŸ“½ 🎞 222FILLINGFrank Mandosa Podcasting 101 219FILLINGRobin Tucceri How our Shark Tank became a Successful Capstone Project 120LIMITEDMatt Hall Diving into Digital Breakouts 218LIMITEDDebra Newton Get Your Head in the Clouds 204LIMITEDStephen Harte • Anna Winters SLIDE-ing into Success 111LIMITEDErin Fisher Google Apps Script for Fun and Awesomeness! 115LIMITEDDan Chase A Call to Action 116LIMITEDBethany Sager A Simplified Life 118FULLJamee Callahan Creating Engaging Hooks for Day 1! 112LIMITEDSusan Cowell Play with Project Design 223LIMITEDLeilani Roser • Diane Brancazio Empowering teachers and students in their math learning with ASSISTments! 207LIMITEDDawn Peterson • Cindy Starks Digital Forensics: Is anything on the internet real? 205LIMITEDJenn Potter • Julie Fagone "Keep"ing Organized 221FILLINGJennine Clark • Patti Weismer Controlled Chaos: Student Choice in the Classroom 214LIMITEDSam Bookston • Josh Yankell Personalized and Blended Learning in the Inclusive Classroom 206LIMITEDJill Milton • Molly Cotter Let's Talk about how we Talk about Race 220FULLGwynne Sawtelle • Amy Cuomo Calming Strategies for Your Classroom RISEFULLKathleen Bockhorst • Jenna Johnson Full STEAMMM Ahead 215LIMITEDAllison Curley • Wendy Krauss Integrating technology with English Learners 203LIMITEDChantel Schools • Meghan Stathakis Think and Organize Through Mind Mapping - Using MindMup 113LIMITEDTerry Smolka • Ingrid Sutter

2:30pm EDT


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